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Product Information
Registration Number BR-1354
Generic Name Diphtheria-Tetanus Vaccine (Adsorbed, Reduced Antigen Content)
Brand Name BE Td
Dosage Strength Each dose (0.5 mL) contains: Diphtheria toxoid- 2 Lf (>2 IU) Tetanus toxoid- 8.8 Lf (>20 IU) Adsorbed on Aluminum Phosphate-> 1.5 mg Preservative: Thiomersal BP-0.01% w/v
Dosage Form Solution For Injection (I.M)
Classification Prescription Drug (Rx)
Packaging Multidose: 10 doses. 5 mL USP Type I glass vial with grey bromobutyl rubber stopper capped with Turkish blue aluminum flip-off seal with vaccine vial monitor (VVM) (Box of 24's) [Net content: 5 mL]
Pharmacologic Category -
Manufacturer Biological E. Limited
Country of Origin India
Trader N/A
Importer IP Biotech, Inc.
Distributor IP Biotech, Inc.
Application Type Initial
Issuance Date 17 June 2021
Expiry Date 17 June 2026