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Product Information
Registration Number BR-1289
Generic Name Rotavirus Vaccine (Live, Attenuated)
Brand Name Rotasiil
Dosage Strength Formulation: After reconstitution, each dose (2.5 mL) contains: Live Attenuated Bovine-Human Rotavirus Reassortant [G1, G2, G3, G4 and G9]* >10^5.6 FFU/Serotype *Grown on vero cells
Dosage Form Freeze-dried Powder for Oral Suspension
Classification Prescription Drug (RX)
Packaging Type I clear tubular glass vial + Type I glass vial x 2.5 mL (Citrate Bicarbonate buffer solution as diluent) (Box of 1's)
Pharmacologic Category -
Manufacturer Serum Institute of India Private Limited
Country of Origin India
Trader N/A
Importer Faberco Life Sciences Inc.
Distributor N/A
Application Type -
Issuance Date 18 March 2022
Expiry Date 08 February 2027