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Product Information BR-1265_PI_01.pdf
Registration Number BR-1265
Generic Name Adalimumab
Brand Name Humira
Dosage Strength 40mg/ 0.4mL
Dosage Form Solution for Injection, Pre-Filled Pen (Mai)
Classification Prescription Drug (Rx)
Packaging In a box of 2 blister trays each having a single-use modified auto-injector pen containing 1 mL type I pre-filled syringe x 0.4 mL with plunger stopper, a fixed 29G 1/2 needle witn needle shield (thermoplastic elastomer) and an alcohol swab
Pharmacologic Category Antirheumatic
Manufacturer Vetter Pharma-Fertigung GmbH & Co. KG
Country of Origin Germany
Importer Abbott Laboratories
Application Type Monitored Release
Issuance Date 24 September 2019
Expiry Date 22 March 2025