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Product Information
Registration Number BR-1263
Generic Name Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Hepatitis B Recombinant and Haemophilus influenza B Tyoe (Hib) Vaccine
Brand Name Eupenta
Dosage Strength
Dosage Form Solution for IM Injection
Classification Prescription Drug (RX)
Packaging 0.5 mL colorless glass vial, with grey chlorobutyl rubber stopper and aluminum flip-off with propylene flip-off cap x 1's (box of 10's); single dose
Pharmacologic Category Vaccine
Manufacturer LG Chem Limited
Country of Origin Korea
Importer Glovax Biotech Corp
Application Type Renewal
Issuance Date 03 January 2023
Expiry Date 13 March 2028