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Product Information
Registration Number BR-041-03
Generic Name Enoxaparin Sodium
Brand Name Enoxbicare-40
Dosage Strength 4000 IU Anti-Factor Xa (equivalent to 40 mg) / 0.4 mL
Dosage Form Solution For Injection (SC)
Classification Prescription Drug (Rx)
Packaging 0.4 mL in 1 mL pre-filled syringe (Box of 1 Blister Pack)
Pharmacologic Category -
Manufacturer Brawn Laboratories Ltd.
Country of Origin India
Trader N/A
Importer Ambica International Corporation
Distributor Ambicare Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Application Type Initial (Revalidation)
Issuance Date 25 April 2022
Expiry Date 09 December 2025