Product InformationProduct Information
Registration NumberBR-1324
Generic NameSomatropin
Brand NameGenotropin GoQuick
Dosage Strength12 mg/mL
Dosage FormPowder and Solvent for Solution for Injection (SC)
ClassificationPrescription Drug (Rx)
PackagingPackaging: Two-chamber glass cartridge (Type I) containing powder and 1 mL solvent separated by a rubber plunger (bromobutyl). The cartridge is sealed at one end with a rubber disc (bromobutyl) and an aluminum cap and at the other end by a rubber stopper (bromobutyl). The two-chamber cartridge is supplied for use in a disposable multidose pre-filled pen. (Box of 1's)
Pharmacologic CategoryAnterior Pituitary Lobe Hormones and Analogues
ManufacturerPfizer Manufacturing Belgium N.V.
Country of OriginBelgium
ImporterPfizer, Inc.
Application Type Monitored Release (MR) (Reconstruction) `
Issuance Date22 February 2024
Expiry Date16 July 2025